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or self-isolation, paint or draw us a picture.

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The Rules.
• Drawing/painting must be on paper no larger than A3 size (420 x297 mm).
• Acceptable art media for your final image can include pencil, crayon, watercolour, computer drawing, etc. Photographs and other 3D objects are not acceptable. The completed artwork must be on a flat piece of paper and physically be able to be framed in 2D.
• The drawing/painting must not include words, national flags, or slogans.
• The drawing/painting must not represent any particular individual,
organization, or brand name and must not depict any religious or political theme.
• Name, age and contact telephone must be clearly mentioned on the back of image in English.
• The theme “The New Dawn” should be the main focus of the image and will be the primary focus of the judging criteria.
• No text (including theme title, name, etc) should be written on the front of
the painting/drawing.

General Rules
• Entry to the competition is free.
• Each entrant can only submit one image.
• The image should be primarily the effort of one person only.
• All entries must be delivered to The Greeno Centre, 14 Meadow View, Glebeland Gardens, Shepperton TW17 9DH by 12 noon on Friday 10th July, 2020.
• All paintings or drawings submitted for competition shall become the property of Shepperton Aurora Rotary Club during the process of the competition.
• The judging panel will consist of four independent judges selected by Shepperton Aurora Rotary Club. The judges decision will be final.
• The awarding of prizes will be determined by Shepperton Aurora Rotary Club and the independent judges. There will be no appeal process.
• Shepperton Aurora Rotary Club reserve the right to display any image entered into the competition for the purposes of publicity or any possible future live exhibition.
• GDPR: Any personal information supplied by individuals taking part in the competition will only be used for the purpose of managing the competition and all records will be destroyed when the competition and/or possible exhibition is completed.

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