Youth Speaks : A debate

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This is a national competition which is organised in four stages; it is designed to support and encourage the development of effective communication skills.

Shepperton Aurora Rotary Club organises a local competition for the secondary schools in the borough of Spelthorne.

Aims and objectives
The competition aims to offer young people:
•  experience in speaking on a public platform as a member of a team
•  an incentive to formulate ideas on topical subjects and to put these forward while being in opposition to another speaker
•  discipline in dealing with a topic in a limited time
•  the opportunity of learning and practising high standards of expression, presentation and appearance
•  impartial feedback and assessment of performance by experienced adjudicators

This is addressed by a team of three people who should prepare and deliver a short debate on a topic of their choice in front of an audience. Each team comprises of a Chairman, a Proposer and an Opposer who have total of 15 minutes to present their views. At each stage of the competition there will be a panel of 3 experienced adjudicators who not only judge but provide feedback to all competitors.